The Lagoon 40 embodies the spirit and innovative design of Lagoon Catamarans. Sought after and sailed across the globe, Lagoon’s catamarans have evolved into a world-renowned tribute to the 7 seas.


At the forefront of this evolution, sails the Lagoon 40. Spacious, comfortable designs with uncompromised construction methods make her stand in a realm of her own. 

Just from her looks, the Lagoon 40 signed a new visual identity bringing life into this model.


Exterior: Space & Comfort

With a unique dimension of tranquility, this catamaran is designed for you and your relaxation at sea. A comfortable cockpit looking out to sea, a starboard dining table—able to accommodate up to twelve guests, a recreational area on the same side, and seating at the rear beam gives you ample space for entertaining and enjoying your life at sea.


Interior: Luminous Elegance 

Luxury meets comfort in this Nauta Design interior where elegance and luminosity coexist perfectly. With a wide range of layouts to choose from, our owners and large families will be able to feel fully accommodated on the Lagoon 40 catamaran. Large hull windows and integrated portholes in the cabin provide the space with gorgeous natural light and outstanding views. With a smooth flow and seamless transitions between living spaces, the 40’s interior is perfect for any family’s need.

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