Welcome to your new home—the 55 is a vessel like no other that has combined the very best of form and function so you can take in the experience of Lagoon. Enjoy your magnificent days and the moonlit nights at sea.


As a modern classic, boasting in its curved lines of artistry and modernity, the Lagoon 55 stands alone. Every single detail speaks to the boat’s strength and beauty, a triumph of the nautical industry to be admired and enjoyed for years to come.

This catamaran has everything even the most discerning of sea lovers could ask for. Have it all on your luxurious adventures of a lifetime at sea.


Exterior: Relax & Entertain

Enjoy the splendor of the sea your way and in total comfort. The Lagoon 55 catamaran’s interior is designed to maximize space and provide magnificent views throughout the yacht. With plenty of room for gathering, dining, sunbathing, sleeping or even dancing, the Lagoon 55 has space for it all. Find your perfect spot to slow down and unwind for a beautiful day sailing the seas.


High-End Interior Touches

By working closely with Nauta Design, the Lagoon 55 brings our clientele an even more elevated sailing experience, unlike any other. With this came the Lagoon 55, which offers the same bright and elegant space found only on larger vessels.

All interior rooms are spacious and modern, meant to evoke feelings of peace and harmony. Rooms are optimized to invite natural light and incredible views with horizontal lines that blend with the horizon where sea meets sky. In the cabins aboard the 55, your guests will feel at one with the sea as the horizontal lines blend in with the horizon. Evoking feelings of peace and harmony, rooms aboard this catamaran are spacious and modern and overcome you with a feeling of relaxation as the natural sunlight pours in from the windows and provide you with incredible views in every corner of this yacht. Marvel in the open horizons and bask in the beauty of the sea as you sail with unparalleled contentment.

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