We at Lagoon have strived to produce a catamaran where harmony reigns superior between interior and exterior living. Compromise does not exist aboard the SEVENTY 7, innovation has enhanced your comfort and performance for a seafaring life.


In search of another dimension of sailing catamaran, the SEVENTY 7 was created. 

 Catering to our ideology of having a home at sea, luxury is seamless to everyday life aboard this boat.


Exterior Design

Connected spaces that become one, from the aft deck to the trampoline forward. A massive flybridge affording an impressive additional living space, while remaining an integral part of the boat.

A forward cockpit, directly accessible from the deck and the salon, provide you with an outstanding view to the horizon without interruption. Large hull portholes that allow generous amounts of light into the interior spaces that are sure to never have you miss a moment of basking in the sun. Secluded from the rest of the yacht, Lagoon included its technological gem in the design of the SEVENTY 7, giving the owner's suite direct access to the sea through an optional private terrace. The hull door lowers, opening the suite to the ocean air and giving you a true oasis to get away from it all.  


Interior Design

A blend of elegant details and finishes produce levels of refinement and provide a comfortable, harmonious interior to be enjoyed in every space aboard. Optimized with a layout that is infinitely spacious and bright, this creates a true living space for all. The salon being equipped with large windows and exceptional headroom provides an unmatched panoramic view all day long. An opulent owner’s suite, independent of the rest of the vessel, gives you exclusive access to the sea by having the option of a private terrace.

A flexible, fully modular space enables the creation of an additional private area for the owner's suite, connecting directly to the salon and the forward cockpit. Different layouts available with 3, 4 or even 5 guest cabins, each fitted with an island bed, a desk, ample storage spaces and complemented by a private bathroom mean you can entertain all who you wish to. With two options for crew areas, located at the forward or aft end of the boat, supplied with more comfort and space, gives you no reason but to live with exceeding luxury for a life at sea.

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