This is your home away from home. Your sanctuary on the sea for when life gets too hectic. Rediscover your freedom and enjoy it in its purest forms aboard Lagoon’s SIXTY 7. A stunning catamaran for you to make your own. Make your dreams a reality and situate your haven of peace on the water with access to the whole world.


Stress is left on the shore before stepping onto the Lagoon SIXTY 7. With a specially cultivated atmosphere, your yacht will be a sanctuary of rest, relaxation, and retreat. The smooth flow between interior and exterior creates a feeling of warmth and conviviality throughout the boat.

Whether you’re sailing with family or with friends, we have thought about every moment of life on board and about the unique places and atmospheres that make each one special.

LAGOON sixty 7  

Exterior Design

The SIXTY 7 captures reasoned elegance with every line of its hull. Gliding effortlessly across the water, the beauty of this yacht is a breathtaking experience to encounter. And it's waiting for you. Everyday. "An elegance that found its source within the purity of its line. It's that kind of beauty that has a lot of good ways to be contradictory, [one of them being] vast and yet concise..."  - Patrick le Quément - Exterior Design


Interior Design

With sleek modern design focused on providing you with maximum comfort, you are sure to feel at ease in every room aboard. With configurable layouts available, make your catamaran a luxurious home to flee to. A seamless flow between spaces means moving with ease while your yacht makes waves. Utilizing horizontal lines to compliment the gorgeous horizon, no one will ever miss a moment of beauty. "The interiors of the Lagoon SIXTY 7 is the latest step in an evolution defined by open and uninterrupted spaces that join the interior and exterior seamlessly with open views on looking the beauty that you can sail to with this stable, seaworthy, and dependable catamarn." - Massimo Gino - Nauta Design

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